A solo debut in Barcelona

Angel Orensanz is in Barcelona and continuing to create visual messages to the community. Truly, everywhere Angel goes he leaves behind traces of his imagination. He has a way of reaching people by capturing their attention and fixating their eyes on each of his expressive masterpieces.

“The Spanish artist based in New York Ángel Orensanz will exhibit his work “Time, space and innovation” in the Paranymph Hall and Gardens of the UB’s Historic Building during the months of June, July and September, with the support of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Arts, Culture and Heritage.”, the University of Barcelona Press states.

By the reflections of Mr. Orensanz it is clear that his mind far surpasses the idea of normalcy intertwined with society. His thoughts are deep and his words are profound. There is a sense of truth in his speech and he believes art is the best portrayal of that.

“In the life of art, very optimistic and changing things appear. It doesn’t accept fraud, because it doesn’t have it, it doesn’t need it, because I say that its integrity is the truth. The only truth is certainly the art.”

– Angel Orensanz

His words carry inspiration. Angel Orensanz has extended his work across the globe and by doing so, continues to influence artists to pursue their expression of self and creativity. Angel however, always returns home to New York City where his permanent gallery it situated. The gallery can be found on the third floor of the Angel Orensanz Foundation located on Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The building, a renovated synagogue, is exceptionally unique and elegant. The main floor and balcony caters to a diverse amount of private events and performances.

“I think that those who look for big things find big things. And then this big path makes you plunge even more, I don’t know whether either into the void, into the good luck, or into the mystery of speaking to the greatest. In the case of the foundation in New York, Vanity Fair has just stated that the best sequences that Spielberg has shot in Smash are the ones that were filmed at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. And this is because everything looks similar and all the interiors are boring, but it turns out that here, inside, there was the Taj Mahal; it was perfectly depicted. There were dances, there was ballet…’’

Spanish Sculpture Angel Orensanz

Source: http://www.ub.edu/web/ub/en/menu_eines/noticies/2012/Entrevistes/

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