Angel Orensanz‘s new exhibition is here in New York City, right at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Three weeks from now, the gallery will be open for you to see his bronze sculptures, drawings, and paintings in our gallery’s new exhibition, Burning Bronzes.


Until then, how about getting more acquainted with Angel‘s work? The internationally known French art critic Pierre Restany wrote a beautiful article about the Spanish artist that exposes the ways Angel Orensanz explores the ideas of movement, presence and absence. The article is available here.

Finally, it is Friday! And it is time for the Angel Orensanz Foundation blog to share suggestions for what to do in New York City this weekend, because we want you to have a very artful one.

First off start Saturday with Summer Streets! Along the route (that goes from downtown Lafayette St to uptown Park Ave) you will be able to enjoy Urban Art, provided by DOT(New York State Department of Transportation), like LOVE TV by Australian artist Rebecca McIntosh and art producer Victoria Johnstone an interactive work that explores people’s love for places, individuals and things; Bench Press by BroLabCyclo-phone by Marcelo Ertortguy and Sara Valente, a bike-powered band of musical instruments and Bus Roots by Marco Antonio Castro Cosio, a mobile garden. To see the whole schedule for summer streets in New York City, just click here.

After strolling along this route, you can make your stop on Central Park to enjoy some music. The bands Carolina Chocolate Drops, Buckwheat Zydeco and Abigail Washburn, in their Summerstage performance at 3 p.m.. To check the whole schedule for Summerstage, just click here.

Don’t feel like being outside? No worries, you can head to Brooklyn to enjoy the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, in St. Francis College, features 54 independent filmmakers—both first-timers and Hollywood vets—who have lived and worked in the borough. To check the schedule, just click here.

On Sunday, how about a trip to MoMA to enjoy the opening of The Quay Brothers installation? Titled Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets the exhibition showcases the London-based godfathers of alternative animation Stephen and Timothy Quay better known films, never-before-seen moving image works and graphic design, drawings, and calligraphy.

Don’t feel like going uptown? No worries, there are many places to see art in NYC. Take the ferry to Governors Island where you can enjoy “Graphic Design now in Production” an exhibition of posters, books, magazines, typography, branding and film and television graphics created since 2000, organized by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City and displayed on building 110

Finally, the Downtown Dance Festival starts this weekend; you can see the schedule here. Also, The Fringe Festival is back for another year! The calendar is here.

And last, but not least, we hope you have a lovely and artful weekend and we want to remind you , a month (and 2 days, to be more exact) from  now we will be presenting Angel Orensanz’s Burning Bronze exhibition in our gallery! You shouldn’t miss it! More info is coming soon, so get excited!

It has been a while since our last edition, in which we talked about the past of Ludlow Street and how this landmark of the Lower East Side transformed itself to became one of the hippest areas in town. We also revealed the past of Aragon, the city where Angel Orensanz and his brother Al Orensanz (who will be publishing a book soon, so keep your eyes open!) were born. Finally, in that issue we told you about the contemporary artists Marilyn Minter and Walter Urbach. Want to remember? Just click here!

This time, we will tell you the story of how objects became artifacts through time, how they change and represent who we are and the time we live in. Also, we will talk about the Black Panther party and their relationship with the Angel Orensanz Foundation, in fact, did you know that Spike Lee, who directed the “Huey P. Newton Story” has a new movie? Yes, Red Hook Summer! Finally, we will tell you where Angel Orensanz has been and what he thinks about the English artist Sir Roland Penrose. One more thing, we interplay the connection between absence and presence. Curious, excited? No worries! Just click here and have fun! 

There are only three days left until the biggest event of the year, The Olympic Games! Are you excited for it? What sport do you enjoy the most? Unfortunately art is not in the Olympics anymore, but that is no reason for Angel Orensanz not to participate in London 2012, of course in his own unique way.

His ritualistic sphere that has traveled all over the world with him now stops in London, more specifically at The Hundred Years Gallery for his take on this year’s games. The renowned Spanish artist cares about issues like cultural difference and identity and works with that in his art.

His first exhibition with the sphere was in Venice, where he did “Burning Universe”, in which he walked the 8.5-feet in diameter transparent plastic sphere thought streets, as well as in a Gondola. In the same year, Angel Orensanz was invited to expose in Tokyo, where he installed his ball and performed in front of the Senso-ji temple, which was destroyed by American bombs on the World War 2 and reconstructed by the Japanese after the war. Florence was the next destination of the sphere, this time by invitation from the Biennale. The sphere has rolled the world, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, and now London.

Aristotle once said “perfect things move in circles” and Angel has truly taken that to heart, using his sphere in different ways for his art. He sees it as a symbol of perfection, of the fullness of being, and of totality, and he plays with the various interpretations of its meanings by making it represent many things in his performances: sometimes throwing it playfully into the sky, sometimes leaving it on the floor, sometimes painting it sometimes leaving it transparent, sometimes, even sealing himself inside it and transporting himself into the art.

The opening of his exhibition in the London gallery will happen the same day as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and such as the sphere the Olympics have traveled the world. Also, if you see a sphere from the front, it looks like a circle, or better, a ring, which reminds us of the Olympic symbol, the interlocking rings, that “represent the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition”, the creator of the symbol Baron Pierre de Coubertin affirms.

Healthy competition, cultural difference, cultural identity, it can all be tied to Angel, so it is no wonder he is there with a site-specific exhibition celebrating the Olympics.

There has been a lot of talk about Higgs Bosom, the particle that may give others mass. The reason? This particle, that is one of the most important missing pieces of the complicated puzzle that is nature, has, supposedly been finally discovered by the scientists at CERN. And Angel Orensanz wants to be part of the discovery.

After spending time in Barcelona (his exhibition Time, Space and Innovation is still up on University of Barcelona), Angel Orensanz has gone north in Spain to a place where the sun always shines and the waves constantly hit the sand: Costa Brava.

He has been there before, in fact, has been carrying out experiments in Costa Brava for many years. One that many people can still recall vividly was his take on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, when he reconstructed a deep water bed of the gulf.

Angel Orensanz, actually, often makes his takes on the happenings of the world and this time he goes back to this beautiful location to pay his homage to the discover of Higgs Boson,  with transparent silk in various colors and geometric shapes.   An aesthetic recurring in Angel‘s works.

Hey Everyone, check out the Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter #18. We discuss everything from the hottest artists, the history of the Lower East Side and of course the recent updates of Mr. Angel Orensanz himself!

In this article we time travel to parts of the oldest territories of Aragon, one of the uppermost regions of Spain. We explore the controversies and criticism that artists face while publicizing their work as well as many other intriguing topics!

Discover a world of breathtaking images, far away lands and a glimpse into a past almost forgotten, all you need is to click here!

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