No plans for the weekend yet? The Angel Orensanz Foundation blog has great suggestions for you to have a weekend of arts in New York City.


First, this Friday, there is the Etsy Craft Party, so head to Brooklyn (if you have time, go ahead and explore the area, the Brooklyn Museum has great exhibitions) to learn decoration and design tips from Stenciling guru Ed Roth and artist Aya Rosen. Get to know more here.


If you are a big fan of Jazz, than don’t miss the additional weekend of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. Today at 7 pm in Marcus Garvey Park you can enjoy Bird With Strings with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Special Guests. The concept is a celebration of the classic Charlie Parker album Charlie Parker with strings. The festival goes on for the weekend. To know more, click here.


Saturday is always a day for arts in New York City, right? Like the Live in HD series by The Met in Lincoln Center. The opening movie is The Enchanted Island, staring Joyce DiDonato. A baroque fantasy with a Shakespearian inspiration. To see the whole schedule, click here.

Shakespeare is also present on the Riverside Park. You can see the famous drama Richard III on the North Patio of the Soldeiers and Sailors Monument. To know more, click here

Not a big fan of Shakespeare? Than head to Gallery One Twenty Eight, here on our beloved Lower East Side to see and take part on  “In & Around C: A participatory Music and Art Installation” , where you can create your own sound, by stepping onto a gigantic staff.

Like to hear music better than making it? No worries, the WFC Plaza, is hosting the Grammy-nominated 18-piece steam punk band Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, who joins forces with the disco band Escort for a night of groove music, featuring the talents New York musicians. To know more, click here.

On Sunday, make sure to check out the New York City exhibitions that are closing. Terracotta Warriors on Discovery Times Square, Playing House on Brooklyn Museum, Gustav Klimt: 150th Anniversary Celebration on Neue Gallery, Weegee: Murder is My Business at the International Center of Photography and The Parade: Nathalie Djurberg with Music by Hans Berg at the New Museum.

Finally it is Friday. And before we share with you our artful suggestions for what to do in New York this weekend, let us do a recap of the week: Calvin Reid shares his view of Angel Orensanz, we how you the art gallery exhibitions in the Lower East Side, we share same musicians inspired by artists and Angel Orensanz new exhibition here in The Angel Orensanz Foundation is coming!

Now, for our weekend picks so you can enjoy a very artsy weekend in New York City:


First off, this Friday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, staring at 5pm, enjoy An Evening of Art and a Summer Sunset on the rooftop garden, where you can view Tomas Saraceno’s Cloud City while listening to DJ Widowspeak. You can also appreciate special tours of Naked before the camera and Spies in the House of Art: Photography, Film, and Video until 7 pm.


On Saturday there is lots of art in New York City for you to see. Like the exhibition Dialog in the Dark, where you will get to discover NYC by its sounds, tastes and textures, since you will be blindfolded! You will get to be guided through your senses by the people that know the city that way best: your guide will be visually impaired! So, prepare for the ride of your live starting at the South Street Seaport.

Not ready for the adventure? Don’t worry, New York City is boiling with art. So, how about the American Folk Museum? There you can see the exhibition Jubilation/Rumination: Life, Real and Imagined, the pieces from their permanent collection are organized by the museum’s senior curator Stacy C. Hollander and display samples of all varieties of artistic expression by artists from all over the world, from all the possible backgrounds. Maybe you wont know their names, but you will for sure remember their works once you see them. The exhibition addresses the space between reality, truth and imagination. Or as the curator puts it: “Life is not lived in black and white: reality may have the tinge of dreams and dreams an air of reality. “


On Discovery Times Square you can explore China’s past in the exhibition Terracotta Warriors. The 6-foot tall, 2000 year old statues are bound to impress. They are the legacy of Qin Shihuangdi, China’s first emperor. In fact, they were buried with him, in his tomb. But, someone decided to take them out for a Long March, all over the world, creating exhibitions that were always sold out. The army, or just a small piece of it is now on Times Square and you can learn the history of the warriors commissioned by Qin, each one different, placed in battle formation, with terracotta horses inside the first China emperor’s gigantic tomb.

Sunday is your last change to see  “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” so head back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to enjoy the conversations that never happened between to genius Italian fashion designers and appreciate the display of dresses and shoes and hats of the fashion creators that were ahead of their time. And since you are inside the MET, how about spending the day there?

Finally, Sunday Night, if you like dance, then you shouldn’t loose the screening of Never Stand Still in Symphony Space at 6 pm, including a Q&A with director of the documentary Ron Honsa. The movie features legendary dancers and new innovators that reveal the world of dance. The trailer is here:

Finally it is Friday! And, we here at The Angel Orensanz Foundation are pleased to serve you up our selection of several of the art events going on in NYC this weekend.

First off, this is your last chance to go see Telettrofono, the audio walking tour that sound artist Justin Bennett and poet Matthea Harvey created for Stillspotting NYC: Staten Island, a program by the Guggenheim Museum. The sound tour intermingles history and fantasy as it takes you along the waterfront, mixing ambient sounds from the borough with invented noises to pay homage to the unacknowledged inventor of the first telephone, Antonio Meucci, a Staten Island resident of Italian descent.

In another borough of New York City, more specifically Brooklyn, you can enjoy Target First Saturdays in the Brooklyn Museum. This Saturday is Caribbean Rhythms, starting at 5:00 p.m.  While you are there, don’t forget to go up to the 4th floor of the museum to see the exhibition Playing House, set in the popular American period rooms. Since the rooms become a little less exciting after the first time you go, the museum decided to give a white card to four artists to create new life inside the space. Mary Lucier added videos, Betty Woodman and Anne Chu opted to add polka-dot ceramic shards and bouquets, and Ann Agee decided to transform an 1850 parlor into a sculpture workshop.

On Sunday, it looks like it is going to rain, so how about staying inside? So how about the inside  of Guggenheim? Where you can enjoy the critically acclaimed Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective.  The Dutch photographer knows how to manipulate and she makes it all look really natural, portraying images of teenagers with such reality that they transport you into their universe.

Don’t feel like seeing still images? How about a movie? Head to the Anthology Film Archives for a screening of Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film, a documentary that explores avant-garde cinema, showing rare interviews and movie clips that can make you fall for the style. From filmmaker Pip Chodorov’s own description: “I wanted to share a few of the films I love and introduce you to some of the free, radical artists who made them.” Or you could stroll north to Lincoln Center to watch A Heart In Winter, by the French director Claude Sautet, a love and jealousy story between a violin maker, his business partner and a violinist.

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The Angel Orensanz Foundation is lit up beautifully. Colors change from blue to orange, red to purple as the white chairs are filled with elegantly dressed men and women who whisper comments back and forth about the elaborate atmoshphere.

Soon enough the house is full and the show is about to begin, so every guest sits still and quiet in anticipation. The conductor calls for complete silence and the concert begins. First the tchelos, smooth, slow, and soothing to the ear. Next the  violins join in perfect harmony. The music is calm, peacefull and entrancing untill a sworm of new instruments invade. The room becomes a battlefeild of sounds manipulating the emotions of the guests with each cord. The orchestra is at their peak and are showcasing each instuments almightly power. The flutes however, are dancing around the sounds as if they were adding a special playfulness to the bold performance.

The skiled director conducts with feircefullness and grace with his wand. It is a sound that is best described in its presence.The concert has many different parts, but no space between them, just the ruffling of papers from the musicians changing sheets.

The acustics of Angel Orensanz Foundation is great and the music travels without a problem throughout the building.What once used to be a synagogue has held so many events, including many other Sympho concerts.

When the orchestra completes their final cord and their arms fall to their side the conductor invites  the guests to the balcony level to enjoy complimentry wine, champagne and finger foods. The chatter begins again, except this time it is about the speactacular preformance they had just experienced.

The Angel Orensanz Foundation wants to invite you to come out and join the 34th annual Museum Mile Festival, beginning June 12th from 6 -9 p.m. On this day Manhattan will proudly close off Fifth Avenue from 82nd street to 105th street to become an afternoon strollers paradise.

With traffic blocked off, the “mile” will become one of New York City‘s biggest and most cultural block parties of the year. The sidewalks will be serenaded with street vendors, art collections, musicians and bands of various backgrounds. Nine of New York’s finest museums will be offering free admission. Many of the museums will also provide fun art related activities for kids such as face painting and chalk drawing.

The festival has a variety of street performers strewn up and down the stretch for the crowd’s entertainment. Over a million people have taken part in this annual celebration and trust us; this is something you wouldn’t want to miss!

The first Museum Mile was in 1978. Since then it has been an event to look forward too every continuing year. So much so that tourists traveling near and far make their way to NYC just for this spectacular event. The museums along this strip are the Guggenheim (88th street), Copper-Hewitt National Museum of design (91st street), National Academy Museum (89th street), The Jewish Museum (92nd street), El Museo del Barrio (104thstreet), The Goethe institute (83rd street), Museum of the City of New York (104th street) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (86th-82nd street).

This remarkable event is free of charge no matter how many magnificent world-class museums you decide to admire. Make sure you stroll the streets, soak up the sun, and absorb all the flavors of art in the atmosphere!


Looking for the perfect place to celebrate?  The Angel Orensanz Foundation, located in the heart of the Lower East Side is ranked among the top 10 Venues in New York City for its reputation of holding such magnificent events.


The building is the oldest restored 1849 neo-gothic styled synagogue still standing in New York City. This remarkable landmark is decorated with elaborate details including an amazing gold-leaf altar. Although arts events, performances, and private events now bring it to life, it was once a structure present along with the German Reform Movement in the mid 19th Century. Today, It is best well known as the site of the 1997 wedding of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. The atmosphere is breathtaking and truly feels like an out of this world experience so ladies, be prepared to be mesmerized.


The building seats up to 300 guests on the main floor (7,000 sq ft) and the balcony (3,500 sq ft) seats an additional 200.  There is also a lower level where the Brides Room with private bathroom and the Assembly/Gallery Room is located. There are two bathrooms in the main space, balcony level and lower level. The standard rental is noontime to midnight however times do vary.


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