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Angel Orensanz‘s new exhibition is here in New York City, right at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Three weeks from now, the gallery will be open for you to see his bronze sculptures, drawings, and paintings in our gallery’s new exhibition, Burning Bronzes.


Until then, how about getting more acquainted with Angel‘s work? The internationally known French art critic Pierre Restany wrote a beautiful article about the Spanish artist that exposes the ways Angel Orensanz explores the ideas of movement, presence and absence. The article is available here.

The Olympics started centuries ago, in Greece, as a way to bring all the cities together and showcase the abilities of their athletes, the principles are still the same, but the Olympics have now traveled the world and added more sports. Between 1912 and 1952, it even added the arts to it. But the idea was dropped because artists were considered to be professionals, while Olympic athletes were required to be amateurs. Angel Orensanz certainly is a professional, and he wants to be part of the biggest event of the year.

He is presenting the worldly travelled piece “Cosmology”, his transparent (but always painted accordingly to the situation) giant sphere in a site-specific performance on the day of the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics of 2012, informally known as London 2012. The performance will occur on the Hundred Years Gallery, in London.

The sphere is the signature of the internationally known Spanish artist. And can be seen in a lot of his performances, in fact, performances that are often related to world events ( no wonder he wants to be part of the Olympic games, the biggest happening of the year). Since the 90´s he has been involved with the political and cultural happenings around the world, in a series of exhibitions that are both a part of himself and a reflection of universal emotions. Most of this works manage to include his sphere, a half-transparent, man-sized, partially painted ball that Angel Orensanz pushes, pulls, suspends, raises, lowers o simply appears with at various venues around a little larger sphere known as globe.

Sources: hundred years gallery, thevillager


There has been a lot of talk about Higgs Bosom, the particle that may give others mass. The reason? This particle, that is one of the most important missing pieces of the complicated puzzle that is nature, has, supposedly been finally discovered by the scientists at CERN. And Angel Orensanz wants to be part of the discovery.

After spending time in Barcelona (his exhibition Time, Space and Innovation is still up on University of Barcelona), Angel Orensanz has gone north in Spain to a place where the sun always shines and the waves constantly hit the sand: Costa Brava.

He has been there before, in fact, has been carrying out experiments in Costa Brava for many years. One that many people can still recall vividly was his take on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, when he reconstructed a deep water bed of the gulf.

Angel Orensanz, actually, often makes his takes on the happenings of the world and this time he goes back to this beautiful location to pay his homage to the discover of Higgs Boson,  with transparent silk in various colors and geometric shapes.   An aesthetic recurring in Angel‘s works.

Angel Orensanz is in Barcelona and continuing to create visual messages to the community. Truly, everywhere Angel goes he leaves behind traces of his imagination. He has a way of reaching people by capturing their attention and fixating their eyes on each of his expressive masterpieces.

“The Spanish artist based in New York Ángel Orensanz will exhibit his work “Time, space and innovation” in the Paranymph Hall and Gardens of the UB’s Historic Building during the months of June, July and September, with the support of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Arts, Culture and Heritage.”, the University of Barcelona Press states.

By the reflections of Mr. Orensanz it is clear that his mind far surpasses the idea of normalcy intertwined with society. His thoughts are deep and his words are profound. There is a sense of truth in his speech and he believes art is the best portrayal of that.

“In the life of art, very optimistic and changing things appear. It doesn’t accept fraud, because it doesn’t have it, it doesn’t need it, because I say that its integrity is the truth. The only truth is certainly the art.”

– Angel Orensanz

His words carry inspiration. Angel Orensanz has extended his work across the globe and by doing so, continues to influence artists to pursue their expression of self and creativity. Angel however, always returns home to New York City where his permanent gallery it situated. The gallery can be found on the third floor of the Angel Orensanz Foundation located on Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The building, a renovated synagogue, is exceptionally unique and elegant. The main floor and balcony caters to a diverse amount of private events and performances.

“I think that those who look for big things find big things. And then this big path makes you plunge even more, I don’t know whether either into the void, into the good luck, or into the mystery of speaking to the greatest. In the case of the foundation in New York, Vanity Fair has just stated that the best sequences that Spielberg has shot in Smash are the ones that were filmed at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. And this is because everything looks similar and all the interiors are boring, but it turns out that here, inside, there was the Taj Mahal; it was perfectly depicted. There were dances, there was ballet…’’

Spanish Sculpture Angel Orensanz




Museo del Traje, CIPE. 

Avda. Juan de Herrera, 2

Madrid, Spain

July 28 – October 30, 2011

The Ministry of Culture presents an innovative exhibition in the Museo del Traje’s gardens with artworks by Angel Orensanz (Larués, Huesca, 1951) a conceptual artist that has become a figure of international prestige. Acclaimed by the critic and the public as one the most outstanding sculptors, the Contemporary Art Biennial of Florence paid homage to his career in 2001. He has also been awarded the Gold Medal from the Russian Fine Arts Academy.

The exhibition will be presented in the museum’s extensive gardens, with site-specific sculptural installations. The bright and colorful fabrics hang from the trees, are intertwined in the entrance’s rotunda and enmeshed in the fountains.  The show, curated by the artist himself, invites the viewer to observe the constant dialogue that takes place between the artist and nature through his flying sculptures. In addition, his latest audio-visual works will be on view on the first floor of the museum.

With this new project the Museo del Traje’s historic textile collection gains a new light, under the revealing perspective of contemporary creativity.  This innovative approach is part of the Ministry of Culture’s strategy to foster the production of contemporary artIts main goal is to promote diverse dialogues between the artists and the state museums, and to enhance artistic innovation through the use of a wide range of multidisciplinary mediums.

The opening will take place on Thursday, July 28 at 8:00 pm and will remain open to the public through October 30, 2011. The following personalities will attend the opening: the general Director of the Fine Arts Section of the Ministry of Culture, Ángeles Albert de León; the Museo del Traje’s director, Rafael García Serrano; and artists Ángel Orensanz.

Organizers: Ministry of Culture (General Section of Fine Arts Promotion and Museo del Traje. CIPE).

Curator: Angel Orensanz

Venue: Museo del Traje’s gardens. CIPE. Avda Juan de Herrera, 2. Madrid

For more information visit: MUSEO DEL TRAJE

Angel Orensanz Foundation is pleased to invite you to rePROJECTIONS, our special event for the Armory Arts Week 2011. The installation features works of Angel Orensanz and Luis Buñuel, revealing the dialogue and relations between both artists. Like the surrealist master Buñuel, Orensanz transforms his 1840’s NYC studio into a scientific theater in which dream, reality and their visual memory are reenacted through film and video. Enjoy the opportunity to visit this beautiful New York City historic landmark.
OPENING: March 6, from 3 to 8 PM
RUNNING THROUGH: March 18, from 11 AM to 5 PM (closed on Sunday)
LOCATION: Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street, NY 10002


“Only my imagination can create the images, the words, the rhythm, the movement that I am looking for. I never go to the cinema to see my films… neither anyone’s film. Right now, people in Paris are besieging me with projects of four or five films. They have the money, they have everything but I will not do anything. I think something like this occurred to Orensanz. As he is a real artist, his personal stories come in and out of his artistic topics in sculptures, drawings, potteries, concretes, metals and paintings with waves and cataracts. In these, I can see a swirl of visions in constant change asking to go back to the initial material. Real artists move on alone, make their way alone and create alone.”


“The installation  RePROJECTIONS features works of Angel Orensanz and Luis Buñuel, revealing the dialogue and relations between both artists. Sculptor Angel Orensanz reinterprets and reconfigures images and moods from his experiences with Luis Buñuel, also from the Aragón region of Spain. Orensanz, in the manor of Buñuel, uses the surrealist compositional  language to transform his New York studio into a scientific theater to create a surrealist landscape where dream, reality and visual memory are reenacted through films and videos. The surrealist landscape is characterized by elements of surprise, metaphysical juxtapositions, and a philosophical expression of revolution. Surrealism developed within literature, Visual Arts, cinema and music as a theoretical and political gesture of writers and artists. They believed  that excessive rational thought and bourgeois values led the world to war. According to them, in Surrealism, the ideas of regular expressions and depictions are vital and important, but their reality must be open to the entire range of the imagination in the Hegelian dialectic. Hegel developed a comprehensive philosophical framework, or “system”, in the relationships of mind and nature, subject and object, knowledge, psychology, status, history, art, religion and philosophy. In particular, he developed a concept of mind or spirit that manifests in a series of contradictions and oppositions that ultimately integrated and united, without ignoring the elements origins or reducing one to the other. Examples of such contradictions are those between nature and freedom. Freedom and the development of methods for unlocking the imagination were of the great importance to the Surrealists. The surrealist act of juxtaposing disparate elements within the same field results in consequential effects of surprise, and liberation of the imagination. Since the early 1970’s Angel Orensanz has developed a prolific body of work including performances, conceptual art and video. Educated in Barcelona and Paris, he opened his studio in New York in the1980’s after having worked with several architects like Marcel Breuer, Martin Gelber and John Portman. He has developed his  environmental installations at locations  like Holland Park, London; the Red Square in Moscow; Roppongi-Park and Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo; the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the ABC Playground (Houston St.) in  New York.”


“Angel Orensanz has developed an extensive body of work in sculpture, drawings, installations (Holland Park, London), conceptual work (The Shattered Tent) and multimedia work. His work conveys the corrosive tempo of the surrealist and Dadaist revolutions (Thomas McEvilley and Carlo MacCormick) that explains the frequent reference to Luis Buñuel in his work. The first international review of the video work of Orensanz took place last summer (1980) and fall in Venice, concurrent with the 30th Biennale of Venice. For six months, the show “Burning Universe” at Palazzo Malipiero in the heart of Venice was visited by some 80,000 people who made it one of the popular exhibitions. “ Burning Universe” ran parallel to a presentation of a large sculpture piece, an homage of Angel Orensanz to Buñuel titled “Razor in the Eye” in Lido, in the context of the 50th Venice Film Festival. For the last 18 years, this institution in the heart of Lower Manhattan, has been bringing back to life a stunning piece of architecture, arguably the best remnant of the 19th century German legacy in America; and has been fostering intellectual, artistic, spiritual and educational growth to tens of thousands of people from all over.”


“Orensanz spends a lot of his time traveling throughout the world… The mission of the artist is to convert the emotional, which is like perfume or wind, into art. He narrates with enthusiasm how the architect John Portman commissioned him to build six very tall pieces… That commission brought to Orensanz, in 1985, a very substantial amount of money and he was able to acquire one of the most emblematic buildings of New York. He was looking for a studio in Manhattan, and somebody spoke to him about an old synagogue, in disuse and in the hands of a greedy developer. He restored it slowly without finishing it at once, with the help of artists who exhibited in the space and with the monies of the rental of the space for lectures, parties and events. Some celebrities that passed through the building contributed as well to the project. As the artist recounts it: the day I went to see the building for sale, I looked through the keyhole and saw the pigeons flying under the dome inspired by the Cathedral of Cologne. Picasso’s doves fired his inspiration; it was like a prophecy. ”


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